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Staffing Services

  • Promotional Models

  • Sampling Teams

  • Emcees/Hosts

  • DJ's

  • Models

  • Tour Managers

  • Market Managers


Marketing Services

  • Event Planning

  • Event Strategy

  • Consulting

  • Integrated Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Integration

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • Promotional Goods

How do we help your brand’s Identity?

We believe in a core staffing philosophy of recruiting the right team, for the right brand and to set them up for success.  Brand ambassadors work for several different agencies, but when they work for Identity Marketing they shine because of our internal management team.


We have the ability and resources to build events from the ground up and with our team we can execute any event from any stage of the planning or execution process.


From internal budgeting and planning, to account and managerial staffing, to regional and in-market staffing and eventually at the execution and brand ambassador level.  We can do it all!

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