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We have a presence in all major markets in the US including major cities and college campuses.

Our Definition of IDENTITY:

Creating Identity for the brand— the most obvious, but not always the most important for a successful activation. If every other element of Identity is achieved this falls into place.
Having each promotional model, employee and brand ambassador have a sense of personal identity. This is the key to setting up each person that works an event with us. We see the importance of their proper sense of identity. We give them information for success, provide encouragement and let them know they have values.
Each event has its own identity, and by proper planning and information gathering we can provide staff with a concise breakdown that will allow the staff member to be successful.


Another key to success is to know the intention of the client. Our level of communication between the client and Identity Marketing is the key to successfully staffing an event. We know the needs of the brand, the needs of the layout and all elements of activation. This allows us to make sure we have the right staff for the job and the right amount of staff. We cater to every need of our clients and keep a constant stream of communication.
Having a company with an Identity. The concept behind our name is what drives and defines us as a company. We want every level of our business to leave a mark, and leave the essence of our identity. The consumers we reach should be able to identify the brands we represent. The clients we do business with will remember the service we provide, and the people that work for us will take pride and ownership in the work they do with us. Every individual whether they work one event with us or 20 have their own identity.


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